Fallen Tree, 1998
"Forest of Statues" 1997
"Forest of Statues," 80 x 73 inches, 1997-1998
"Forest of Statues," 12 paintings, each 80 x 73 inches, 1997-98
"Edge of the Forest VI, VII + VIII," 1996
"Edge of the Forest V," 1997
"Edge of the Forest Vll," 1997
"Edge of the Forest VIll," 1997
"Edge of the Forest X," 1997
"Edge of the Forest XI," mixed media on canvas, 74 inches x 69 inches
 This painting is currently on exhibit at ESMOA which is a very cool new museum in Los Angeles.   It describes a rounded mountain where indian tribes once lived and where they left painted statues. Beyond it, to the left, is the volcano Puracé. That is the active volcano which has an exotic plateau just below the crater which I described in my vast landscape painting, "Source of the Amazon."
"Edge of the Forest X, XI, XII," 1997
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