"New York Rooftops I," spray paint, 8 x 14 ft, 1984, Damian Elwes
"Abstract Graffiti," spray paint, 1984
"Fish," spray paint, Earls Court Road, London 1985 Damian Elwes
"Camden Town," spray paint, 1985, Damian Elwes
"New York Rooftops II," 8 x 16 ft, 1984, Damian Elwes
"Boys," spray paint, 5 x 7 ft, Damian Elwes
"Derelict house near the Post Office Tower in London," spray paint, 1985, Damian Elwes
 English art dealer Robert Fraser came to New York looking for graffiti artists for an exhibition called "Paris/New York." I took his assistant to the Hotel Wellington on 7th Avenue. By then, the hotel staff thought that I lived there. I bought a newspaper, as I did every day, and the bellboy said, "Good morning Mr. Elwes." We took an elevator to the 7th floor. I opened the door to the room with a credit card and we stepped out of the window and climbed across to the fire escape of "my" building. He and Fraser liked my paintings and invited me to be a part of the exhibition with Basquiat and Haring.
"Explosion," spray paint, 1985, Damian Elwes
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